Financial Freedom: A Necessity


A man has banking abandon if he is at alternative to absorb money how he likes. A man aswell can be apparent as accepting banking abandon if he has no brake on what and if he can absorb money. It is the dream and admiration of every man to be financially free, but abominably that is not the case. Why again do some men accept banking problems?

• Every man hwo has added amount than his assets accept to accept banking problem.

• Men betrayal themselves to banking problems if they rob God of assessment and offering.

• If you abort to honour pledges you made, you are agreeable banking problems to yourself.

• Stinginess is addition affair that makes men to accept banking problems. If you don’t give, acquaint me how you will increase.

• Disobedience to all-powerful direction. Most men don’t seek the face of God afore advance in any business or architecture a career in any area. This is allurement to banking mess.

• Demonic activities aswell advance to banking mess. There are principalities and admiral that don’t wish men to prosper. If you are not a able Christian, you will be at the benevolence of these demons and they will not wish you to prosper.

• Greed: Acquisitive men don’t increase. Greed is one affair that destroys men abnormally financially. Abnormally if you do business with any one do not be acquisitive if the money comes as you will end up cutting yourself on the leg. Greed destroys ones banking freedom.

• If you are not at accord with your wife. The bible says he who finds a wife finds acceptable affair and obtains benevolence and favour from God. It is the benevolence and favour of God that you charge to be financially free. If your wife is not adored with you, her acerbity will block your heaven.

• Sin and immoralities block Gods aerial from alert and audition your prayers. How will you advance and accretion banking abandon if God does not accept to your prayers?

Aside from the favour and benevolence of God, there are three above things that actuate man’s banking freedom.

These are:

1. What you spend: If you accept to be financially free, you accept to be accurate how you spend. If you are not in ascendancy of your spending, even if you accept the mercy, adroitness and favour of God, it will be harder for you to accept banking freedom.

2. What you sow and invest: Your sowing and investments will actuate how your affairs will access and multiply. The added you sow and advance wisely, the added financially chargeless you become.

3. What you save: If you accept to accept banking freedom, you accept to apprentice to save.


Note that abundance is not by ability or force, it is by the adroitness and favour of God. To agreement your banking freedom, you accept to do the following;

• First of all acquisition out why you are accepting banking problem. Face it, action it, and break it ones and for all.

• Your alpha or the way you are now does not matter, if you assurance in God and do His will you will end in greatness. Job affiliate 8 vs. 7 says “And admitting you started with little, you will end with much”.

• Yield accurate and all-important accomplishments appear abandoning your banking problems. You charge to plan and account your assets and expenditures.

• Be a tither, and consistently sow berry consistently abnormally to the beggared about you and in the things of God. Remember, if you don’t sow, you will not reap. A car that is not alive has not charge for refueling.

• Save and advance wisely. Consistently apprentice to yield affected risks in all things abnormally those that accept to do with money.

• Obedience, Assurance and acceptance in God. Job affiliate 36 vs. 11 says “If they accept and obey God, again they will be adored with abundance throughout their lives. All their years will be pleasant.”

• Don’t be stingy. Proverbs 11 vs. 24 says “it is accessible to accord advisedly and become wealthier, but those who are stingy will lose everything.”

We accept heard the truth, the accommodation is ours. If you wish banking freedom, do the will of God and you shall be blessed.